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Katara Cultural Village is awash with history and heritage. From its huge Greco-Roman amphitheater to alleyways full of young artists practicing traditional crafts, discover the best things to do in the area while downtown Doha might be dominated by towering skyscrapers and glitzy five-star hotels, they are just the most modern incarnation of a civilization that stretches back thousands of years – but there’s one place where locals and visitors alike can reconnect with the cultural heritage of Qatar.

Katara Cultural Village, which sits on reclaimed land between the West Bay and The Pearl on Qatar’s east coast, is a maze of tiny, cobbled alleys more reminiscent of a medieval souq than contemporary Qatar. It’s home to some of the country’s most inspiring arts venues as well as a thriving community of creative types, and is a must-visit for anyone with an interest in arts and culture.

It takes its name from the oldest surviving maps that document the area, starting with Greco-Roman mathematician and geographer Ptolemy in 150 AD, whose map designated the region ‘Catara’. The name cropped up again in the Historical Atlas of Islam, but in later 18th century maps, it appeared as ‘Katara’, thus connecting today’s Katara Cultural Village with the long history of this Middle Eastern state.

It is deliberately designed to recall the Arabian-inspired architecture of years gone by, with snaking waterways and narrow stone-floored alleyways full of young artists practicing traditional calligraphy or Batik silk dyeing, and providing ample inspiration for the photographers and film-makers whose works are on display in its open studios and art galleries.

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If you visit Doha you must visit Katara Cultural Village site and with this occasion, you will see a very beautiful mosque interior design, too. This small scale and cozy mosque (Blue Mosque) attracts hundreds of people everyday. You will see the other mosque which is called Golden Mosque as another nice interior as well.
​​​​​​​​​​​​The gem of the cultural village, the Katara Amphitheater is a crafted balance between the classical Greek theater concept and the everlasting Islamic features. It stands firm in the heart of Katara, under the clear blue sky, overlooking the radiant blue sea.
Completed in the year 2008, this 3,275 sqm landmark, pays tribute to the great tradition of the unique architectural style associated with amphitheaters and is set to host some of the most spectacular world-class events in Doha.
Katara Amphitheater was officially opened on 11 December 2011 with a spectacular concert especially created by legendary Vangelis and featuring world-renowned stars like Angela Gheorghiou, Roberto Alagna and Jeremy Irons.
The seating capacity of the theater is 5,000 persons.
The design for this 50ha parkland in Doha, Qatar has been strongly influenced by nature itself. It will be a parkland of topographical features, a stream with ponds and falls; trees and shrub land; and a complexity of small spaces with paths to encourage adventure. The design proposes a rich image of shade and shelter, of recessive placed buildings in a modernized and naturalized community for the introduction of bird life. It will symbolize a retreat from the world to a cool oasis which will foster harmony and enjoyment. The naturalistic forms celebrate the sound and sight of water, emphasizes the spirit of harmony in nature.
This design was carried out in collaboration with Thom Craig Architects.
Katara Beach is 1.5 km long and open to members and walk-in guests. A play area is located by the beach where children can enjoy a variety of activities, games and rides as well as child friendly watersports. As it is a public beach, women are asked to wear a one-piece swimming costume.

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